Shangri-La (Xianggelila) 香格里拉

How to get there: We arrived by air from Chengdu, and we left Shangri-La by bus to Daocheng 稻城 (Yading 亚丁) in Sichuan Province, the trip took 10 hours.
The altitude of Shangri-La City is 3280 meters.
The city was formerly called Zhongdian 中甸.

Scenic areas visited:
Balagezong 巴拉格宗 (see this post)
Pudacuo 普达措 (see this post)
Shika Snow Mountain 石卡雪山 (see the bottom of this page)
Napahai Yila caoyuan 纳帕海依拉草原

Diqing 3 map

Right-click and download the maps to see the full size

Diqing map 60 percent

Yading map0-copy-525p-

Yading-Balagezong map2-375p-

Yading-Balagezong map3-650p-

Yading-Balagezong map1-525p-

Xianggelila map3-750p-

Xianggelila map1-750p-




Below are a couple of photos from the bus trip between Shangri-La and Yading:






Below: 3 photos from Shika Snow Mountain 石卡雪山. The weather was terrible, snow storm and no visibility, so we couldn’t take any good photos.

We also visited Napahai Yila grassland 纳帕海依拉草原, not far from Shika Snow Mountain, but we don’t have any photos. It was not really worth a visit anyway.




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