Yading – Kasi Hell Valley 亚丁 卡斯地狱谷

Yading map-675p- For more maps and details, see Yading main post How to get there: 90 minutes (65 km) by car along a good but curvy asphalt road from Shangrila Village (Riwa) to the starting point in Kasi Village 卡斯村 (which consists of a few houses and not much more). There was almost no traffic on the road. It’s a big primeval forest, and during the half day we spent here we didn’t find any spectacular views, so it was perhaps not worth the excursion. Halfway to Kasi Village is a good viewing point of Echushan (Echu Mountain) 俄初山, see photo below: IMG_20140519_142228-1099p- The starting point of the hike: IMG_20140519_132835-699p- IMG_20140519_094747-899p- IMG_20140519_100149-799p- The Lover Tree (Qingrenshu 情人树), 12 km from the beginning of the hike: IMG_20140519_120339-349p- IMG_20140519_101703-849p-

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