Chongqing Qianjiang – Balahu 重庆 黔江 芭拉胡

Location: Chongqing City, Qianjiang District 重庆市 黔江区 Official website (in Chinese): How to get there: 15 minutes by taxi from central Qianjiang. Time of visit: October 2019 We spent 2-3 hours in the scenic area. Qianjiang map3-675p- Qianjiang map1-400p- Balahu1-699p- Balahu1-map-1199p- Balahu2-749p- Balahu4-329p- Balahu4-map-899p- Entrance ticket: Balahu-ticket1-699p- Balahu-ticket2-349p- IMG_20191017_165932-taxi-prices-499p- IMG_20191017_170116-bus-time-table-1299p- P1110303-map-1899p- P1110304-ticket-prices-1299p- P1110306-map-1499p- P1110310-scenic-area-sign-249p- IMG_20191018_095559-1099p- P1110320-999p- IMG_20191018_100452-999p- P1110322-849p- P1110330-849p- IMG_20191018_102707-Lianhua-Square-sign-119p- IMG_20191018_104050-view-temple-1099p- IMG_20191018_104954-799p- P1110345-stairs-to-pavillion-299p- IMG_20191018_105157-399p- P1110347-pavillion-map-999p- P1110349-899p- P1110353-799p-

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