Hunan – Mount Langshan (Lang Mountain) – Bajiaozhai scenic area 湖南 崀山 八角寨景区

For more information and details about Mount Langshan, see the main post .

Time of visit: November 2019

How to get there: 45 minutes by car from Xinning Bus Station.
The bus from Guilin to Xinning County passes right outside the entrance to Bajiaozhai.

The border between Hunan province and Guangxi Autonomous Region goes right through Bajiaozhai, and most of the scenic area belongs to Guilin Prefecture 桂林 in Guangxi.

Time needed in the scenic area: 2 hours if you take the cable car, a couple of hours extra if you walk up. It’s probably worth walking all the way up, but the fog was very thick during our visit and the visibility was poor, so we decided to take the cable car instead.

Xinning map4-700p-

Bajiaozhai entrance sign:

Map of Bajiaozhai scenic area:


Cable car ticket:



The cable car station:


Horse ride single journey: 150 yuan

View outside the entrance:

View just outside the upper cable car station. Most of the time we didn’t see anything at all, but for a couple of minutes we could at least see this:

The path from the upper cable car station to the top region:


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