Xianggongshan Mountain (Xianggong Hill) in Guilin / Yangshuo Xingping 阳朔 兴坪 相公山

Location: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guilin Prefecture, Yangshuo County, Xingping Town, the Western shore of Lijiang River, Xianggong Mountain
广西壮族自治区 桂林市 阳朔县 兴坪镇 漓江西岸

Time of visit: November 2019

Official website (in Chinese): 相公山官方网站

How to get there: 3 hours by foot from Xingping Town (more about Xingping in this post). First a 90 minutes beautiful walk along LiJiang River to the ferry at Lengshui / Jiuma Huashan 冷水 / 九马画山, and then another 90 minutes (6 km) on the other side of the river. The ferries are frequent and takes 5-10 minutes. There are private cars waiting beside the ferry berth, they want 50-80 yuan to Xianggongshan.

It’s a 45 minutes ride by car from Yangshuo Bus Station to the entrance of Xianggongshan (Yangshuo Railway Station is another 45 minutes away). An alternative is 15 minutes by car from Xingping Town to Jiuma Huashan, ferry to the other side of the river, and then by car 15 minutes to the entrance.

Visitors to Xianggongshan should consider trekking along a newly built road, almost free from traffic, to or from Quanjiazhou Village. See more about this hike in a separate post here.

Xingping map2-949p-

Xingping map 799p-

Views from the road between the Jiuma Huashan ferry and Xianggongshan.





Entrance ticket:


It’s a 20 minutes climb from the entrance up to the viewing platforms at the top.






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