Taihang Grand Canyon (Taihangshan Mountain)太行大峡谷, 太行山大峡谷

Henan province, Anyang Prefecture, Linzhou City 河南省 安阳市 林州市
Shanxi Province, Changzhi City, Huguan County 山西省 长治市 壶关县

Official websites:
Taihang Grand Canyon in Henan: Chinese and English
Taihang Grand Canyon in ShanxiChinese and English , and a presentation of the 5 scenic areas here .
The English version of the site seems to be a bad machine translation.

How to get there: 90 minutes by bus from Anyang East railway station 安阳东站 to Linzhou 林州, and from Linzhou bus station it’s a 30-60 minutes taxi ride to the different scenic areas in Henan. It takes 60 minutes to the scenic areas in Shanxi.

Linzhou City belongs to Henan province, but it’s the best base also for the Shanxi part of Taihang Grand Canyon. We stayed in Linzhou all the time (but it’s also possible to stay close to the scenic areas in Shanxi, in Hongdouxia). Huguan County and Changzhi City in Shanxi are slightly further away.

The best hotels in Linzhou are located close to the grand canyon, 25 minutes by car from central Linzhou. We stayed in Hongqiqu (Red Flag Canal) Guest House 红旗渠迎宾馆.

The main scenic areas in Taihang Grand Canyon in Henan (Linzhou):

Wangxiangyan 王相岩 (see separate post here)
Taohuagu (Peach Blossom Valley) 桃花谷 (see separate post here)
Taihang Tianlu (Taihang Heaven Road) 太行天路 (see separate post here)
Xiantaishan 仙台山 (inside the Grand Canyon area, but not included on the official website), well worth a visit (see separate post here)

Two other scenic mountains just outside the Grand Canyon area:
Taihang Wuji (Taihang Roof) 太行屋脊 (see separate post here)
Tianpingshan 天平山

Hongqiqu (Red Flag Canal) 红旗渠 is close to the Grand Canyon area, it’s a famous revolutionary place popular among “red” tourists.

Two famous and popular mountains south of Linzhou (a couple of hours away by car):
Yuntaishan 云台山 (belongs to Jiaozuo Prefecture 焦作市), see separate post here
Wanxianshan (Guoliang) 万仙山 (郭亮) (belongs to Xinxiang Prefecture 新乡市), see separate post here

The main scenic areas in Taihang Grand Canyon in Shanxi (Huguan):

Hongdouxia (Red Bean Canyon) 红豆峡 (see separate post here)
Baquanxia (Eight Spring Canyon) 八泉峡 (see separate post here)
Qinglongxia 青龙峡 (Green Dragon Canyon)
Heilongtan (Black Dragon Pond) 黑龙潭
Zituanshan (Purple Group Mountain) 紫团山

There’s also another canyon in the same area, it’s completely undeveloped and very beautiful, the less known and seldom visited Yingguxia Canyon 英姑峡.

Two other scenic areas close to the grand canyon in Henan, but belonging to Pingshun County 平顺县 in Shanxi province:
Shenlongwan Tianbaoxia Canyon 神龙湾 天瀑峡 (see separate post here)
Tongtianxia Canyon 通天峡

Time of visit: November 2016


Taihangshan2 baidu map 800p-.png

Linzhou 3-800p-.png

Linzhou 2-1049p-.png

Huguan 1-1049p-.png

Brochure about Taihang Grand Canyon in Linzhou, Henan
(right-click on the maps to download bigger images):
Linzhou tourist map-1499.jpg


Linzhou tourist map back MAP ONLY-999p-.jpg

Brochure about Taihang Grand Canyon in Shanxi:


Huguan-Taihangshan-2-MAP ONLY 894p-.jpg





Huguan Taihangshan c-detail-949p-.jpg


Download the map to see the full size:

Huguan Taihangshan e-orig-

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