Siguniangshan (“4 Girl Mountain”) – Shuangqiaogou (“Double Bridge Valley”) 四姑娘山 双桥沟

The best of the 3 scenic areas (valleys, gorges) in Siguniangshan, located 7 kilometers away from the other two scenic areas, for more details see Siguniangshan main post

A sightseeing bus takes visitors the 32 kilometers from the entrance to the end of the gorge without stopping, a one hour trip. On the way back the bus stops 6 times, most tourists get off at each stop, walk around for a while and take photos, and then catch the next bus to the next stop. This is a very bad way to enjoy Shuangqiaogou.

Instead, follow the plank road back towards the entrance, and if you don’t have the time or energy to walk all the way, just jump on a bus at one of the six bus stops. The first 1-2 hours are the most beautiful, and we met very few tourists along the plank road. The closer you get to the entrance the less spectacular the landscape becomes.

Time of visit: October 2015


Entrance ticket:


Along the road from the entrance to the end of the gorge:


The end of the road, all buses stop here:
P1010419-1099p- panorama.jpg

The beginning of the beautiful path (plank road) leading back towards the entrance:






P1010511-1099p- panorama.jpg


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