Ganquan Yucha Grand Canyon – Longbagou 甘泉雨岔大峡谷 龙巴沟

By far the best gorge in Ganquan Yucha Grand Canyon (click on the link to see maps and more details), 45 minutes by bus from the entrance.

It’s a 20 minutes walk along the main road from Peony Gorge (Mudangou). We spent a couple of hours here.

When we visited Longbagou in April 2019 it was officially closed and the buses didn’t go here. Everyone said it was impossible to visit this gorge. But in reality it was very easy, no barriers or obstacles of any kind, and no signs saying it was closed.

We were very lucky, we didn’t meet one single person during our 2 hours in the gorge so we had it all for ourselves.

It’s surprisingly cold inside the gorge, 10ºC (50ºF) colder than outside. We were missing outerwear and gloves even in April (but outside the gorge a T-shirt was enough).

The main road:

The beginning of the path from the main road to the gorge

Follow the path to the right to enter the gorge, and return through the gate on the way back. The gate is open.

“Follow the path 100 meters and walk down the slope into the gorge”


“Walk down here”





In the middle of the gorge there’s a sign saying “End of gorge. Walk up the slope and return to the entrance”. But there’s a lot more to see, so just continue to the end of the gorge.

The exit path in the middle of the gorge, the only exit between the entrance and the end.

The top of the “middle-of-the-gorge” exit

Just after the exit sign there’s another sign saying “1500 meters left to the end of the gorge”



Most of the gorge is very narrow, you don’t want to come here when it’s crowded.


The exit:

This is what you see when you get out of the gorge, a toilet and nothing else. You follow a path that runs high above (and parallel to) the gorge back to the entrance.

The sign besides the road says “Don’t kick or throw things down into the gorge, someone down there could get hurt”


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