Ganquan Yucha Grand Canyon 甘泉雨岔大峡谷

Location: Shaanxi Province, Yan’an City, Ganquan County, Xiasiwan Village
陕西省 延安市 甘泉县 下寺湾镇

How to get there: 2 hours by bus/car from Yan’an, and roughly the same from Zhidan 志丹. From Ganquan it takes 90 minutes or a little less.

There’s no ticket office, but it’s mandatory to enter the canyon with a tourist bus for 60 yuan. The bus stops first after 45 minutes close to the Peony gorge. After that it turns back and stops at the Birch gorge.

When we visited in April 2019 it was a bumpy trip due to roadwork, they were asphalting the road.

There are several cheap but OK hotels close to the entrance.

We didn’t have any use for our rubber boots; last year many visitors had to rent boots at the entrance because there was a lot of water in some parts of the canyon. But not when we visited, all was dry and fine.

Scenic areas

(click on the red links to see separate posts about each area):

Mudangou (Peony gorge) 牡丹沟 (very small, not really worth a visit)
Yixiantian (“one line sky”) 一线天
Huashugou (Birch gorge) 桦树沟
Longbagou 龙巴沟 (the best one)
Huabaogou (Leopard gorge) 花豹沟 (this is the gorge furthest away from the entrance, not visited by us)

Two other beautiful gorges in the vicinity well worth a visit (they cannot be accessed from the same road as the gorges above, we booked a private car):
Shehegou (Snake River gorge) 蛇河沟
Hudiegou (Butterfly gorge) 蝴蝶沟

Shaanxi map2-1099p-

Shaanxi map-



The bus we took from the entrance into the canyon was infact the Ganquan to Yucha bus






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