Nanxijiang (Nanxi River) 楠溪江

Location: Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou City, Yongjia County  浙江省 温州市 永嘉县

Official website: in English and in Chinese
Unesco World Heritage Site since 2001. Belongs to Yandangshan World Geopark (Unesco Global Geopark) 雁荡山世界地质公园

How to get there: One hour by car from Yandangshan 雁荡山, 90 minutes from Wenzhou, or 90-120 minutes from Shenxianju 神仙居.

Time of visit: April 2019

The scenic areas are rather far from each other, it’s necessary to hire a car/driver. We paid 400 yuan for a full day from Yandangshan and back again. We visited 3 areas (click on the links to see separate posts about each area):

Shiweiyan 石桅岩
Longwantan 龙湾潭
Yaxiaku 崖下库

Shierfeng 十二峰 is supposed to be one of the most beautiful areas, but it was closed for maintenance and development when we visited in April 2019. It’s not far from Yaxiaku, a 10 minutes drive.

Zhejiang map2 narrow-599p-

Zhejiang map-799p-

Nanxijiang map 1299p-

Nanxijiang map2-1149p-.png










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