Beijing Shidu: Hongjing Road 北京十渡: 红井路

Location: Beijing Fangshan District close to Shidu Nature Park 北京房山十渡风景区附近
How to get there: 3 hours by bus 917 from Beijing Beiweilu 北纬路 to Shidu 渡 (the last stop).

Time needed: half a day. The road is 19km long, it starts in Honggangkou (in Wolong Village, Shidu Town) 十渡镇卧龙村红港口 and ends in Jing’eryu (in Xiayunling Village) 霞云岭乡井儿峪 at National Road 108.

We took a taxi from Shidu Town to the highest point of the road (70 yuan), and then walked all the way down (15 km or so) to Liuhecun Village 六合村 from where took a taxi back to Shidu.

There were very few cars on the road, so it was easy to walk on the road.

Time of visit: April 02, 2019

It’s a couple of kilometers from the top to the end of the road at National Road 108, and from there it’s possible to go back to Beijing by bus, but the last bus leaves rather early.


Shidu map4-new-849p











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