Little Three Gorges – Huangyan 小三峡 黄岩

Location: One hour by car from Wushan 巫山, for more details see this post.

No entrance fee as of October 2017 when we visited Huangyan.

It’s a very nice 3 hours walk on a new 12 kilometers long scenic road (“Goddess Heaven Road” 神女天路) with almost no cars. It’s rather flat, not much climbing. The road starts at Liuping Tourist Center 柳坪游客中心 and ends at Huangyan Tourist Center 黄岩游客中心.
If you go there by taxi, the driver must take a long detour to meet you at the end of the walk.

There are also tourist battery buses running from Liuping to Huangyan if you don’t want to walk. They stop 3-4 times close to big viewing platforms located a 5-15 minutes walk or climb from the road.




The weather was extremely foggy during our visit, so all photos look like this (or worse)

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