Wulonggou Great Wall 乌龙沟长城

Hebei Province, Laiyuan County, Wulonggou changcheng
河北省 涞源县 乌龙沟长城

Official website (quite useful, in Chinese):

How to get there: 2 1/2 hours nonstop by highway bus from Peking Yongdingmen Bus Station 北京水定门客运站 to Laiyuan County, and from there one hour by taxi (around 100 yuan) to Wulonggou (there are also buses, but they are infrequent and difficult to find).
There’s no entrance fee.

We spent 3 hours on the wall visiting 11-12 towers, we found it too difficult and dangerous to continue any further. Some parts are steep and slippery.
It’s a tranquil place, we only met a couple of local tourists from the Baoding area, no one else.

Time of visit: September 2016








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