Luyuanping Canyon 鹿院坪

Not much detailed information is available in English; many photos (and info in Chinese) can be found here.

Luyanping is a canyon close to Enshi Grand Canyon 恩施大峡谷, see this post for more details.

How to get there: Around one hour by car from the Enshi Grand Canyon entrance. Our hotel helped us to find a car, 200 yuan for a return trip.
We spent one full day in Luyuanping, just like in Enshi Grand Canyon, around 8 hours.

No entrance, no tickets, at least not yet. But this is about to change, the canyon is being developed fast. The paths and trails are still rather muddy, but not difficult or dangerous.
We met very few tourists, in sharp contrast to the crowded Enshi Grand Canyon.
There are a couple of small family restaurants serving nice food.

Don’t miss the “Earth Crack” 地缝 at the very bottom of the canyon, it’s a beautiful place with dramatic nature.

Time of visit: October 2017

Enshi new1-950p-

Enshi new2-850p-



The road leading into the canyon


The Earth Crack



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