Mangshan 莽山

Hunan Province, Chenzhou City, Yizhang County, Mangshan National Forest Park
湖南省 郴州市 宜章县 莽山国家森林公园

Official website: (only in Chinese, not a very useful site)

It takes 3 hours by bus from Chenzhou City to Mangshan. The bus stops close to the ticket office.

Time of visit: April 2018

There are 4 scenic areas. One full day is enough to visit all open parts:

Houwangzhai 猴王寨 is very close to the entrance, not really worth visiting (1 hour).

Tiantaishan 天台山 is the main area, but the most beautiful parts were closed when we visited in April 2018 (they are upgrading Mangshan from AAAA to AAAAA).

Jiangjunzhai 将军寨 The first hour is uninteresting, but the second hour is very beautiful. The beautiful half was closed during our visit, but it was possible to sneak in anyway (2-3 hours in total).

Xiangyueling 湘粤岭 is now completely closed, it’s occupied by the Chinese army.









Mangshan entrance:

We stayed in Chawanggu 茶王谷 (see: Chawang Valley Ecological Hotel) inside the park, 4 km from the entrance. Just phone the hotel and they pick you up at the ticket office.
There’s a nice little tea factory in the same building.


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