Yangshimu 羊狮慕

Location: Jiangxi Province, Yichun City  江西省 宜春市

Official web site: http://www.ysmfjq.com/

Time of visit: April 2018

Yangshimu-map Google-

How to get there: see Mingyueshan 明月山 post for more details.

Yangshimu can be reached through Mingyueshan main entrance, they offer a combined ticket for both mountains. It takes some time to get to Yangshimu from the entrance:
1. Cable car
2. A 10 minutes bus ride from the upper cable car station
3. An elevator takes you down to a small railway station
4. A 10 minutes train ride
5. A short walk to another bus (new tickets needed) and a 5-10 minutes bus ride
6. A 10-15 minutes walk up to Yangshimu

It’s well worth a visit, Yangshimu is very beautiful. The path you follow is rather flat, not so much up and down. We spent a couple of hours there and visited Mingyueshan on the way back, the Mingyueshan scenic area is close to the train station (besides the elevator).

It’s also possible to reach Yangshimu through the south gate in Taishan Village, Anfu County 安福县泰山乡 (it starts with a 3.8 km long cable car ride).

Entrance ticket:





IMG_20180421_112122 map-




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