Wugongshan 武功山

Jiangxi Province, Pingxiang City  江西省 萍乡市

Official web site:
In English: http://www.wugongshan.cn/other_language/en_tourroutes.html
In Chinese (noisy site, turn off your speakers): http://www.wugongshan.cn/index.htm

Time of visit: April 2018




How to get there: One hour by car/bus from Pingxiang 萍乡 railway station to Wanlongshan village 万龙山乡. We stayed in this hotel, 20 minutes by car from the scenic area. There’s a free bus from the railway station to the hotel 15.00 every day, and another free bus from the hotel to Wugongshan ticket office every morning and back again in the afternoon.

It takes 45 minutes by car from Wugongshan (20-25 minutes from Wanlongshan village) to Mingyueshan 明月山 scenic area. 150 yuan by taxi.








Wugongshan map--


IMG_20180420_090527 map-.jpg

The path from the first to the second cable car station.


The way down from the Jinding top area, in all 10,000 stairs to the entrance.


There are two cable car stations, and it’s a nice 45 minutes walk between them. The best option is probably to take the first cable car, and then walk up to the top (two hours or so). It takes half an hour from the upper station of the second cable car to the summit, but it’s a noisy walk because the sound from an irritating loudspeaker on repeat follows you most of the way (it belongs to a small shop close to the station). The top itself is not very interesting, a small disappointment.

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