Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) 黄山

Location: Anhui Province, Huangshan City  安徽省 黄山市

Link to Huangshan official web site:
Huangshan is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1990

Time of visit: April 2018



How to get there: One hour by tourist bus from Huangshan railway station. The bus station is a 5 minutes walk from the railway station, and there’s also a tourist center. The buses leave roughly once an hour, last bus around 19.00.

The bus stops in Tangkou village 汤口镇 close to the main entrance (Huangshan South Gate 黄山南大门). From the entrance it’s a 30 minutes bus ride to one of the two cable car stations, Yungu(si) 云谷(寺)索道 or Ciguangge 慈光阁索道. The queues to the buses and the cable cars are very long.
There’s also a third cable car line, Taiping cable 太平索道 from Huangshan North Gate, but it’s less accessible for most visitors.

We took the Yungu cable, it’s a 12 minutes ride up to Baieling 白鹅岭 in the Houshan 后山 area. There’s some beautiful scenery in this area, but we had to skip the Lion Peak (Shizifeng 狮子峰) because it was extremely cloudy.

We reached Guangmingding Peak 光明顶 after a couple of hours, and from there we started a 6 hours walk around Xihai Grand Canyon 西海大峡谷 (almost a full circle, 360 degrees). It is the highlight of Huangshan in my opinion.
It’s best to walk counterclockwise, because the steepest stairs are easier to climb up than down. Most visitors walk all the way down to the bottom of the canyon and then take the funicular up. But it’s really worth walking up, if you take the funicular you’ll miss the Buxianqiao 步仙桥 area (see more further down on this page). A lot of stairs and exhausting, but beautiful.

We spent the night in Baiyun Binguan Hotel 白云宾馆 where our Xihai Grand Canyon journey ended. 1000 yuan per night for a small but OK double room (the dormitories are much cheaper), and 128 yuan for a buffet dinner.

The next day we walked down the mountain via Aoyufeng 鳌鱼峰 and Tiandufeng 天都峰 to Ciguangge 慈光阁, and then bus back to the main entrance. Half way down is Yuping cable car station 玉屏索道, which is the upper station of the Ciguangge cable. But if you take the cable instead of walking down you miss Tiandufeng.
Tiandufeng and Lianhuafeng 莲花峰 are open every two years (2018, 2020 and 2019, 2021 respectively).

It’s a one hour climb up to the top of Tiandufeng, rather steep, but the stairs are good so it’s not difficult, just exhausting. From the summit there’s another path down, it’s even steeper but not dangerous, it’s the best choice if you are going down to Ciguangge.

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Map baiyun

Huangshan daoyoutu--

Buxianqiao Bridge  步仙桥



Warning sign at the bottom of Xihai Grand Canyon where the steep stairs up to the top starts, it recommends taking the cable car instead of a tough 4 hours climb. But it’s worth taking the stairs, it’s less than 4 hours and the path leads to the beautiful Buxianqiao and further on to Baiyun Hotel close to the upper cable car station.

On the way down to the bottom of Xihai Grand Canyon

Map of Xihai Grand Canyon area

Xihai Grand Canyon  西海大峡谷


Yixiantian 一线天, on the way down from the top to TiandufengP1060613-

View from half way up to Tiandufeng 天都峰

The stairs up to Tiandufeng  天都峰IMG_20180427_102450-

The summit of Tiandufeng  天都峰


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