Jianglangshan 江郎山

Location: Zhejiang Province, Quzhou Prefecture, Jiangshan City
浙江省 衢州 江山市

Jianglangshan is a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2010.

Link to official web site: http://www.jlsnbd.com/page/news!info.htm?id=2640

Time of visit: April 2018


How to get there: 1 hour by bus line 202 from Jiangshan to Yujiawu 余家坞, the bus stop looks like this:


From the bus stop, follow this road for 10 minutes to the ticket office:


Entrance ticket:



Map of the scenic area:


Jianglangshan-booklet1 big.jpg

Jianglangshan-booklet2 big.jpg


From the ticket office there’s a 10 minutes bus ride to the Jianglangshan scenic area. An alternative is to walk 10 minutes from the ticket office to Xunühu 须女湖 and then hike up to the scenic area, ca. 1 hour. The Xunühu lake area is beautiful, but there are no panorama views along the path up, only forest.

An easier alternative: Take the bus up, visit the mountain, and then walk down to Xunühu on the way back, around 30 minutes. Note that the bus stops on the way up and down are far from each other, at least a kilometer.


Xunühu looks like this:


Jianglangshan yixiantian  江郎山一线天:


The stairs up to the highest top closed for reparation in January 2018. It was still closed in April.


The best hotel we found in Jiangshan:

Junlan Jiangshan International Holiday Hotel   君澜·江山国际度假酒店
More about the hotel: in English and in Chinese


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